Cara Delevingne Worries Fans After Weird Airport Situation

The British actor appeared “very jittery” and sans shoes on the tarmac at a Los Angeles-area airport.

Cara Delevingne Worries Fans After Weird Airport Situation
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No one is expected to look their best at the airport, and it’s pretty much common courtesy to leave people to deal with the hellish misery of air travel in private. I’m certainly never a portrait of glamor while waiting to board a flight. But a recent sighting of Cara Delevingne at the Van Nuys airport suggests that the British model and actor is going through more than your average jetpack blues, and fans are, apparently, concerned.

The actor pulled up to the Los Angeles area airport on Monday in a black SUV to board Jay-Z’s private jet, with her socked feet dangling out the car’s window, according to Page Six. The rest of her jet-set-ready outfit included the following: a Britney t-shirt, a pair of black joggers with red, yellow, and green stripes, (pretty dirty) orange socks, and most notably, no shoes.

Though this may be a sneaky workaround for TSA’s shoes-off policy, Delevingne did look concerningly disheveled: Photographs show her hair a mess, smoking a cigarette, appearing “very jittery,” and reportedly dropping her phone “several times” while waiting on the tarmac. Again: I’ve been there.

But what ensued after the British eyebrow icon’s arrival—which was reportedly two hours late—was teeming with chaos. Per Page Six’s report, Delevingne arrived with her team and her pup, Alfie, boarded the plane with two unidentified men, and then de-boarded 45 minutes later. After speaking with airport staff, her team then removed her bags from the plane, loaded them back into the car, and drove away with Delevingne in tow. No word on whether or not the supermodel was asked to get off the plane—but she was certainly absent for takeoff.

Unfortunately, the worrisome appearance doesn’t seem to be just a bad travel day. A “close friend” told The Sun that Delevingne’s “situation has been building for a few weeks now” and that she’s “been burning the candle at both ends of late.” Delevingne’s family and friends are also reportedly “searching for ways to help the troubled former ‘it girl’” and “considering staging an intervention,” according to the Daily Mail.

I am still, frankly, not judging any of this. But the buzz is getting louder: The model first raised some eyebrows in May when she accompanied Meghan Thee Stallion to the Billboard Music Awards. Delevingne reportedly acted “odd” on the red carpet, jumping into Meghan’s interviews and bizarrely throwing the train of the rapper’s dress in the air for the paps to capture. “I was hyping her up, being a hype woman,” she explained in a July appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “That’s what I do, I was just really excited.”

Delevingne has openly talked about struggling with her mental health in the past, particularly around her sexuality. The actor, who grew up in a conservative family, shared in a 2020 interview with Variety that she is pansexual. In a 2021 interview with People, she admitted to experiencing “massive depression” and “suicidal moments” throughout her life, as well as being “ashamed” of her queer identity.

Queer identity is, of course, nothing to be ashamed of. So whatever’s going on here, we hope Cara gets the help she needs to start feeling more like herself again.

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