Cardi B Got Her Butt Injections From a Basement in Queens

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Cardi B has a butt injection story for the freaking ages, featuring, naturally, a basement in Queens and an injector who maybe sort of killed someone. In a profile with GQ’s Caity Weaver, the rapper discusses her decision to enlarge her ass, and the sketchy path she took to achieve it:

She wanted fat for her ass because (1) her boyfriend had recently cheated on her with a woman who, per Cardi, “had a fat, big ass” and (2) she’d observed that her colleagues with big asses made more money than she did stripping, regardless of dancing technique.
Cardi claimed her ass from the universe in a basement apartment in Queens, where, for $800, a woman injected her buttocks with filler. “They don’t numb your ass with anything,” she says. “It was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days.”
The circumference of the final product cannot be determined beforehand, which makes this procedure risky even among illegal medical procedures. While Cardi was happy with hers, she planned to return for a touch-up. “But by the time I was gonna go get it, the lady got locked up ‘cause she’s supposedly killed somebody. Well”—Cardi clarifies with c’est la vie insouciance—”somebody died on her table.”

I am glad Cardi’s ass turned out well, and also that she is still alive. If you haven’t, read the whole profile here.


Fleetwood Mac has weathered more storms than most tropical rain forests, but apparently a disagreement with Lindsey Buckingham over their forthcoming tour was just a straw too many for the band, which has announced that they’re replacing him with both Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Crowded House.

The news initially broke last week after former guitarist Billy Burnette posted— then deleted—a tweet declaring Buckingham out. Now, the band has released a statement:

“We are thrilled to welcome the musical talents of the caliber of Mike Campbell and Neil Finn into the Mac family. With Mike and Neil, we’ll be performing all the hits that the fans love, plus we’ll be surprising our audiences with some tracks from our historic catalogue of songs. Fleetwood Mac has always been a creative evolution. We look forward to honoring that spirit on this upcoming tour.”

Buckingham, responsible for such hits as “Tusk” and “Go Your Own Way,” joined the group along with Stevie Nicks in 1974. He’s been with them in an on-again-off-again basis for the last several decades, so who knows what the future holds. No matter what happens, though, no one can take Rumours away from me, which as far as I’m concerned is all that matters.

[Rolling Stone]

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