Cardi B Had 37 People Over for Thanksgiving While You Ate Alone On Your Couch

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Cardi B Had 37 People Over for Thanksgiving While You Ate Alone On Your Couch
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Thanksgiving was last week, and despite clear guidelines sent down from the CDC that specified reducing travel, wearing a mask, and avoiding large gatherings, many people simply could not be bothered with keeping others safe during the ongoing covid-19 global health pandemic. And one of those people was Cardi B.

According to her Twitter feed, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar had 37 people over for the holiday—“12 kids and 25 adults… it was lit !!”—and then quickly followed up with an apology. “Sorry my bad wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad.I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good & uplifted me .I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it.I wasnt trying to offend no1,” she wrote, adding, “ME specially and everyone that works around me get tested literally 4 times a week. Im In the middle of work and Everytime we clock in we MUST GET TESTED !” Of course, the issue there is that it can take days after coming in contact with someone who has the virus to register a covid-19 positive result, and tests themselves are not foolproof. Someone in attendance could’ve very well been positive at the massive event.

But hey, at least she didn’t pull a Kim Kardashian-West and fly all her guests to a private island as we laypeople enjoyed our TV dinners in isolating silence?

This ain’t it, and I’m super not looking forward to celebrities’ holiday plans! [Hollywood Life]

In more devastating news, Jennifer Lawrence’s family farm and summer camp—Camp Hi-Ho in Simpsonville, KY, just outside of Louisville—has been destroyed by a fire, according to a post on Camp Hi-Ho’s official Facebook page. No animals or people were harmed, but apparently a lot of damage has been done. “It is with the heaviest of hearts that we confirm the news that we lost our barn last night in a horrible fire. We are deeply thankful that no people or animals were hurt, but we are still mourning the loss of years of hard work and memories that occurred in these walls,” the post reads. “Words cannot describe the pain we are in, but we are so incredibly grateful for the Simpsonville Fire Department and all the other fire fighters who responded to our emergency.”

According to local CBS news station WLKY, Simpsonville fire officials are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire. Thirty firefighters and six fire trucks were required to fully put out the “horrible fire,” as it has been labeled. Simpsonville Assistant Fire Chief Bobby Cravens told WLKY, “One of the issues with a rural area is always water supply. Unfortunately in areas like this, without hydrants, we have to have all our water tankered in for suppression efforts.” Seems bad!

People reports that emails sent from Jennifer Lawrence’s brother Blaine Lawrence “detailed the damage, explaining that the barn lost in the fire housed his office space, stalls for their horses, an indoor riding area for kids, an indoor rock wall, a native wildlife display, an arts and crafts area and a garage with farm equipment and a nurse station.” [People]

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