Cardi B Will Let Kulture Decide If She Wants to Be 'That Bitch' When She Grows Up


A lot of us were taught growing that we can be anything. As a new mom, Cardi B would like to pass down those same ideals to her sweet little bebe, Kulture, but without being an annoying helicopter parent about it. Speaking to W Magazine at the Fashion Nova launch party, Cardi said: “I want my daughter to feel like she’s that woman. I’m not going to say that bitch—but I want her to feel like that person.”

It’s cute to hear Cardi try and hold herself back here—she’s a mom now, thank you—but I can remember watching Instagram stories of hers where she would say she was going to try to stop cursing so much given all the young fans she has. “That woman” or “that person” are nice proxies for “that bitch,” but don’t have quite the same oomph. “That bitch” itself is shorthand for “that type of bitch who doesn’t let anybody tell them what to do”. Nobody’s ever seen their idol go off on a 9-part crusade against their haters and been like, “Ooooh, she really did that, she is that person.”

But it’s not just semantics Cardi is playing with here; it sounds like she really wants to lay off and let her baby girl discover who she is in her own time. She could be that bitch. Or she could be that lover. Can you imagine being Cardi B’s kid? I can’t; the pressure is probably similar to what David Remnick’s kid or Lebron Jame’s kids feels. When the time comes, Kulture will gets to decide what’s her one true calling. But it sounds like Cardi will be supportive no matter what, and that’s good parenting.

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