Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Will Stay Home From G20 Meeting; Pamela Anderson Wants You To Wear Her Clothes

  • Packing for tedious summits as a political wife must be that much harder knowing that Michelle Obama will be there, ready to rock some gorgeous outfit at the drop of a discussion paper. [Telegraph]
  • Pamela Anderson is going to do an eco-friendly vegan line with Heatherette co-creator Richie Rich. Something tells me Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich will find a way to extract the air of dull virtuousness that still clings to eco-conscious clothing, and replace it with a little sex appeal. And a lot of sparkly gold lamé. [Hollyscoop]
  • “The spot is a subtle tribute to the genius of Serge Gainsbourg and to the sensuality of Brigitte Bardot.” Says. The. Director. Of the. Lindsay. Lohan. Fornarina. Ad. Well. He. Would. Say that. Wouldn’t. He. Question mark. [WWD]
  • Topshop is really truly absolutely finally opening its doors in New York’s SoHo. As rumored, Kate Moss will do the ribbon-cutting on Thursday morning, before a huddled mass of 3,356,890,765 fashionistas yearning to be free/awaiting the slightest provocation to stampede. [WWD]
  • Guardian writer Emily Rotberg has crucial suggestions for anyone planning to brave the Topshop melee on opening morning. Bring disinterested friends, Rotberg writes, to act as your runners and placeholders in various in-store queues, like the line for the fitting rooms, and don’t bother asking the sales staff for help. “They are present to demonstrate how to wear a £10 shoelace as a headband,” says Rotberg. Not to offer anyone assistance. Happy (Top)shopping! [Guardian]
  • Valentino dropped into terrible Meatpacking district club 1OAK (which stands for “1 Of A Kind,” a factoid I can’t seem to scrub from my brain because of the very absurdity of a preposterous club in a neighborhood filled with identical preposterous clubs claiming some kind of singularity) for its gay-themed night. Then the designer left. Which might mean he was unimpressed with the level of talent available, or or that his 76-year-old ears were unwilling to weather 1OAK’s musical onslaught. [P6]
  • Marks & Spencer, the biggest British department store chain, reported a smaller-than-expected drop in same-store sales for the fourth quarter. After experiencing sales declines of 7.1% over the holiday quarter, analysts expected a similar slump in the numbers for the three months ended March 28 — but the company’s comps only fell by 4.2%. [WSJ]
  • Seven For All Mankind is going to do a 30-style footwear range for fall. Price range: $235-$550. [WWD]
  • Pierre Cardin told Fantastic Man magazine that he’s ready to sell his empire of licenses. For about $1.3 billion dollars. [P6]
  • Lord & Taylor is instituting a company-wide salary freeze this year. [WSJ]
  • In news that may shock and surprise you, the Italian luxury industry trade group, Altagamma, says it expects the $230 billion global fashion and luxury goods market to decline this year. I know. [WWD]
  • A girl interned at Teen Vogue for a week, and spent a lot of time eating cupcakes, organizing accessories, and looking at pictures of models on the internet. You can tell from the accompanying pictures that she chose her outfits very carefully. Wise move. [Teen Vogue]
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