Carmen Carrera Gets Shout Out From Naomi Campbell at GLAAD Awards

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Naomi Campbell gave a shout out to Carmen Carrera as she spoke at the 25th GLAAD Awards in support of transgender models in the fashion industry.

Campbell recounted her own experiences with the LGBT community within the fashion industry:

I truly wouldn’t be standing here without the help of designers, make up artists, hair dressers, manicurists. They’ve all made me who I truly am, and of course the efforts of the conclusion [sic] of LGBT people of color.

Although perhaps a bit stereotypical in its framing, as these are the types of positions which the LGBT community has worked in for decades, Campbell is right: straight, cisgender actors, models, musicians, and other talent have relied on the skills of those in the LGBT community for a great many years. Where Campbell breaks through this stereotypical norm is in calling for the inclusion of transgender models in the fashion industry. She identified Carrera, who was in the audience of the GLAAD awards, as an example of a trans model she believed to be doing excellent work.

Watch the whole video below, courtesy of GLAAD:

Video via YouTube, images via Getty.

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