Carol Burnett Returns To All My Children For A Catfight


All My Children goes off the air in less than two weeks, and in the meantime, the stars who made it big after their gig on the soap are making cameos — and Carol Burnett is no exception. She appeared on yesterday and today’s editions of AMC as Verla Grubbs, a traveling gypsy who’s been on the series since 1983. Verla has returned with the news that she’s got herself a reality show, as well as plans to get back together with an old flame at Pine Valley’s high school reunion. Unfortunately for her, the man in question is also being courted by Opal, Erica Kane’s BFF. Yep, that’s enough of a set-up for full-on soap opera cat-fight — in which Burnett brings her hilarious comedic timing to. Enjoy!

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