Carpenters Shout Racial Slurs At Jay-Z's Nightclub

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Jay-Z is using non-union carpenters to renovate his 40/40 club in Manhattan, and the carpenters’ union isn’t happy. They set up five inflatable rats outside the club this week, which is traditional — but they also allegedly shouted the n-word at club management both in person and over the phone. Says Jay-Z’s rep, “The union is trying to bully 40/40 to hire union workers. They were shouting racial slurs. It was really inappropriate protesting.” [NYDN]

30 Rock‘s Cheyenne Jackson married his longtime boyfriend Monte Lapka in a beach wedding Saturday. Lapka is a physicist, which is hot. Jackson took to Twitter to explain how the marriage would affect their dog: “It’s official, after 11 years together, Zora’s no longer a bastard. Married the best man I’ve ever known.” [Dlisted]

It is a day that ends in y, so there is Kim Kardashian sex tape news. Apparently Pornhub has offered $5 million to keep the tape on the internet for free. Such generosity! [TMZ]

Gerard Butler is a real artist, you guys. While talking about his role as preacher Sam Childers in the tenderly-titled Machine Gun Preacher, he broke down and cried for “a good two minutes.” He explained,

This happened to me a lot when we were filming. I would just be overcome. I feel every emotion. I haven’t talked much about this movie in a while, and I did the other day, and I just started crying. I cried for about five minutes.

I bet this habit was super-fun on the set. [LAT]

Butler also enjoys pizza. [Just Jared]

  • Eddie Murphy is reportedly producer Brett Ratner‘s top choice to host the Oscars. Let’s hope he brings the wit and wisdom he displayed in the film Norbit. [JJ]
  • Anna Kendrick may star in Pitch Perfect, a movie about college a cappella groups. Her role: “a dark and rebellious student who, thanks to her beautiful singing voice, finds herself the lead of the school’s singing group.” [Huffington Post]
  • Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Karolyn Pho have published a coffee table book called Campaign, which features photos of them hanging out with Marilyn Manson. It’s unclear what this is a campaign for, but “most annoying celebrity” is a possibility. [JJ]
  • Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Delta Goodrem went on vacation in Mexico. Just Jared says: “Nick went shirtless, while Delta chose to wear a large brimmed hat!” As a shirt? [JJ]
  • For his birthday, Keanu Reeves took a motorcycle ride. [JJ]
  • Gwen Stefani might not be able to make it to her L.A.M.B. show during New York Fashion Week, because she is too busy designing other lines, finishing a record, and dressing like a hot Beetlejuice. [JJ]
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