Carrots Will Make You Prettier and Yellower (Same Thing)


This rabbit wasn’t very attractive until it started eating carrots. Almost overnight, everything in its life changed: Other rabbits started asking it out on dates. It got a promotion at work. Even its neighbors wanted to come over more often.

Carrots are supposed to have the same effect on humans: you eat more of them, and you gradually get hotter. And then everyone loves you, even though you maybe look slightly jaundiced? Not really sure how the “yellowing” part of this equation works, except that carrots and other colorful foods like plums contain carotenoids (yellow pigments) that give humans a healthier look.

You might try it. Though to be honest, you’re probably beautiful enough and don’t need to worry about any such carotenoids.

Image Rikkis_refuge/via Flickr.

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