Cee-Lo Green Tweets 'People Who Have Been Really Raped Remember'

Ugh, happy pseudo-Monday: Cee-Lo Green — who recently pleaded no contest to one count of furnishing a woman with MDMA, allegedly leading to her waking up in bed with him with no memory of the previous night — has some completely shitty stuff to say about rape. Great.

In a deleted tweet, Green wrote, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” Which is, of course, patently and remarkably untrue. Sexual assault victims who are incapacitated by drugs or alcohol may not remember their assaults, which is a concept so obvious I’d previously thought it goes without saying. He added, “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.” What does that even mean?

He later deleted the tweets and wrote, “I will not allow that negative energy to loiter on my time line u still got it so keep it! I’m deleting this too.”

He then deleted that tweet, as promised, and sent a series of tweets in which he apologized for his comments, which he said were “taken so far out of context”:

Let me 1st praise god for exoneration fairness & freedom! Secondly I sincerely apologize for my comments being taken so far out of context.
I only intended on a healthy exchange to help heal those who love me from the pain I had already caused from this. Please forgive me as it..
…was your support that got me thru this to begin with. I’d never condone the harm of any women. Thank you.

The context of the tweets was that Cee-Lo Green posted them on his public account in an attempt to argue that a rape is not “real” if a victim cannot remember being raped. I do not think there is any way they could be taken out of context.

Green has since deleted his entire Twitter account, possibly sensing that there’s no way to defend or justify his comments. [Billboard]

We all gazed upon Angelina Jolie‘s wedding dress yesterday and saw that it was decorated with pictures her children had drawn; here’s some more information about the Wedding Reports, which will be in the upcoming issues of Hello! and People: the photos are “incredibly natural” and the day was “relaxed and full of laughter”; Pax baked the cake; Shiloh wore shorts and a top hat. [Hello!, People]

Remember when Miley Cyrus was engaged to Liam Hemsworth? I had completely forgotten (how quickly the sands of time erode even our fondest memories), but she recently spoke about it on Australian TV. “I love Liam,” she said, adding, “Liam loves me.” She also says that “Wrecking Ball” is not about him. [NY Daily News]

  • Seth Rogen accurately tweeted that “legally speaking, it shouldn’t be tolerated to post stolen pics.” Yep. [ONTD]
  • And Emma Watson wrote, “Even worse than seeing women’s privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.” YEP. THE WORLD IS AWFUL. [ONTD]
  • In news related to a less soul-crushing topic, Britney Spears acknowledged her recent breakup during a show in Las Vegas (Britney Spears is looking to go on a first date with a hot guy). [ONTD]
  • Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, couple, reportedly spent nearly $1,000 at a sex shop in Toronto. They were wearing jaunty hats as they did so. They had a very good Labor Day weekend. [TMZ]
  • Sofia Vergara and “Shirtless Joe Manganiello” went to Mexico. [E!]
  • Dianna Agron is now blonder than she formerly was. What a time to be alive. [Just Jared]
  • Lauren Conrad‘s bridal shower was as adorned with crafts and tasteful pink details as one would expect. [MTV]
  • Beyoncé and Jay Z looked really happy at the Made in America festival in L.A. WHAT DIVORCE RUMORS, asked every single gossip website rhetorically. [People]
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