Celebrity Breakups in 2020 That Proved Love Is Dead


Is anyone genuinely shocked to find out that love is still dead in the year of our lord 2020? Probably not. In a period when partnered people were suddenly spending way more time with their live-in significant others than they probably ever expected to, the relationships of normies and Hollywood couples were tested—and many, sadly, didn’t make it. In this sequel to our Weird Couples of 2020 video, Staff Writer Joan Summers takes us through the relationship timelines of this year’s top celebrity breakups as we say goodbye to iconic couples like Scofia (Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, of course).

The true question is not whether these couples were doomed from the start before this claustrophobic pandemic, but whether they will get back together again once we’ve returned to “normalcy.” Maybe! But perhaps the more realistic scenario is that 2021 will be littered with more celebrity breakups when other Hollywood couples return to the social spotlight and realize how much fun they’re having on the red carpet without their partners instead of with them.

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