Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2022: So Much Money, So Little Imagination

Stars went as themselves, as other hot people, or as characters with extremely elaborate costumes that require nothing but deep pockets to pull off.

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Photo: Instagram; Getty Images

Monday was Halloween, which means we just wrapped up four days of celebs flaunting their deep pockets by choosing over-the-top costumes that could only be executed by people with a lot of money and not a lot of imagination.

They trotted out their costumes all over Los Angeles and our Instagram feeds. George Clooney’s tequila threw a huge Halloween party on Friday night, though he did not appear to be there—but Paris Hilton, Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow, and Chrishell Stause were. Kim Kardashian showed up as X-Men’s Mystique to Tracee Ellis Ross’s 50th birthday party—which was not a costume party. A bunch of other celebrities appeared to dress up simply to conduct bizarrely intricate photoshoots in the privacy of their own homes. And, after a two-year covid hiatus, Heidi Klum threw her infamous Halloween party Monday night dressed as a goddamn worm.

Personally, I think celebs should use Halloween to get crafty and weird like the rest of us. How would they approach costumes if they had a college student’s budget, a 60-hour work week plus commuting, or a cosmetics bag stocked only with drugstore basics?

We’ve rounded up some of their most eye-popping costumes—many of which just reminded us that money can buy a lot, but it can’t buy creativity.

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