Charlie Hunnam's Ass Really Pissed Off the Parents Television Council


Some people are not happy about seeing Charlie Hunnam’s beautiful ass on their pristine television screens.

As Entertainment Weekly points out, a group of uptight anti-ass folks known as the Parents Television Council doesn’t want you to see the very, very lovely naked ass of Hunnam. What set them off? This week’s episode, which featured a whole lot of fake television sex and even more Hunnam ass:

The sequence rather effectively illustrated the widely varying range emotional states and romantic relationships of the main characters—while also serving up a hearty eyeful of Charlie Hunnam’s bare butt. The scene featured six couples indulging in various acts (and one character giving herself solo pleasure) and was dubbed “the f–ktage” by show insiders.

A fucktage!

Here is a gif of the aforementioned ass in question, for those who need a clearer picture of just what got the Parents Television Council all hot and bothered.

Here is their blah blah blah blah pornography blah blah WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN blah blah outrage quote of the week:

“It’s official: In order to watch cable news, ESPN, Disney or the History Channel, every family in America must now also pay for pornography on FX,” said Tim Winter, president of the PTC. “Last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy opened with the most sexually explicit content we’ve ever seen on basic cable, content normally found on premium subscription networks like HBO or Showtime … If FX wants to be like HBO and air this kind of explicit content, then they should become a premium network … Families should not be forced to underwrite pornography. Cable Choice is a solution whose time has come, and there could hardly be a better example of it than this.”

The last time we heard from the PTC they were demanding ABC apologize for showing people humping under some sheets a few seconds after It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ended. They also don’t like Nicki Minaj’s ass. They are equally offended by all asses.

Neither FX or show creator Kurt Sutter has responded to the PTC’s grievance. As EW reports, it’s not the first time the group has complained about Sons of Anarchy, a show they should clearly just stop watching already :

The organization previously targeted SOA last year, when the show had a sequence involving a school shooting. At the time, Sutter responded: “The PTC—I would imagine these are not evil people, but they’re just not very intelligent or intuitive people. … The fact that these people want to be monitoring what my children watch is terrifying … whenever that stuff crosses the line into censorship, it’s just scary, not just on a creative level but on a personal level.”

Charlie Hunnam’s ass could not be reached for comment.

Image via FX/Facebook.

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