Chart Shows Which Celebs Post the Most Pics on Instagram 


Celebs love posting selfies or pictures of their glamorous life (or their gross surgeries) on Instagram, but who really posts the most images? The answer might surprise you a little bit.

The chart below comes courtesy of Addiction-Treatment’s Instagram Intoxicated project which analyzed looked at the users on the social media site who were posting the most photographs. How in the hell did Kim Kardashian lose this title?

Of the celebrities we looked at, Snoop Dogg was the most active Instagram user of them all. Fellow rappers Meek Mill, Waka Flocka Flame, and Diddy make up the top four most active Instagram users we researched.

Instagram Intoxicated also analyzed which celebrities posted the most pictures of drugs and/or alcohol to their accounts:

When you look at the data on who’s most frequently sharing posts that contain drugs and alcohol, Devin the Dude comes in at the top with almost one-fourth of his posts containing substances. Wiz Khalifa wasn’t a top-three sharer of drugs or alcohol individually, but when combined, he is the second most frequent to post both substances to his Instagram with almost 16 percent. Tommy Chong’s 14 percent of posts containing drugs and alcohol put him as the third most frequent sharer.

Sounding a little like your mom at a PTA meeting, Instagram Intoxicated poses the question “When celebrities use their social media accounts, often with millions of followers, to publicize their drug use? Could it be contributing to the rise of substance abuse and addiction?”

It really should come as no surprise that Tommy Chong is way up on that list. The real surprise (to me!) was that Chong has an Instagram account. BRB; need to go give him a follow.

Images via Addiction Treatment; H/t Business Insider.

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