Chip and Joanna Gaines Will Turn the DIY Network Into the Magnolia Channel


Unbelievable: Chip and Joanna Gaines are taking the DIY Network from me.

The Wrap reported:

DIY Network will be the Discovery, Inc. cable channel rebranded for Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new Magnolia channel. The former “Fixer Upper” couple will have a new series following them there, TheWrap is told.
The rebrand and new linear channel launch will take place in Summer 2020 — the same time as the couple’s TV Everywhere app becomes available. A subscription streaming service will debut at a later date, Discovery said on Wednesday.

“The channel will feature long-form programming on topics including community, home, garden, food, wellness, entrepreneurialism and design,” according to E, as well as all old episodes of Fixer Upper.

This is wonderful news for the many fans of Chip and Joanna; however, it is bad news for me, someone who always thought that the DIY Network was a delight because there’s something deeply soothing about watching somebody redo a sink or whatever. Where will I turn when I need to learn what to know before waterproofing a basement?

“But Kelly,” you say, “you don’t even have cable anymore. You weren’t even USING the DIY Network!” Yes, but someday my child will go to kindergarten and I will be able to afford cable again, and DIY Network, as it currently exists, will be gone! What’s Vanilla Ice supposed to do now huh?

“Our intention with this network is to create and curate content that inspires, encourages, and helps to build bridges across our communities. We want honest, authentic programming that brings families together,” said Chip and Joanna Gaines in a statement.

Please, won’t someone just teach me how to install a ceiling fan? Community I can do; electrical work requires some knowledgable assistance.

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