Chris Christie Tries to Remind Everyone He's Running for President


Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie stopped by The Daily Show on Wednesday night and reminded America that he’s still in the race for the nomination. Did you know that or did you forget about him (and Bridgegate) too?

During his conversation with new Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a South African immigrant, Christie talked about how tough he’d be on immigration. It was clearly a funny discussion from Noah’s side, who admitted he had his own issues with visas, but Christie kept on his serious pants. The New Jersey Governor talked about an airport overhaul to track immigrants with fingerprinting at America’s door, so to speak. Via Time:

“It’s going to cost so much money…7 billion dollars just to overhaul it in the airports,” Noah probed.
“It’s a lot less expensive than a 2 thousand mile wall across the entire southern border, how ’bout that?” Christie quipped back, referencing Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to keep new immigrants from coming into the country.

Perhaps taking a dig at Trump, the most popular non-candidate candidate, and his appearance on The Daily Show will put him at the adults table during the next debate. Or not.

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Image via The Daily Show.

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