Chris Pratt's Brother Sure Has a Lot of Buddies Who Are Into Militia Swag

Chris Pratt's Brother Sure Has a Lot of Buddies Who Are Into Militia Swag
An attendee wears a “Three Percenter” patch during a Proud Boys rally at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon Photo:MARANIE R. STAAB (Getty Images)

Daniel “Cully” Pratt of Solano County truly contains multitudes: In addition to enjoying the glow that comes from being the older brother of America’s favorite $40 million buffoon, the California native also happens to be a cop with the soul of an artist.

A longtime fixture in the Solano County Sheriff Department, the 44-year-old spent the last few years as, among other things, the department’s public information officer, where his duties apparently included posting Instagram photos of his very famous brother wearing Solano County-branded clothing and orchestrating heartwarming appearances in which the Guardians of the Galaxy star made a surprise visit to praise the boys in blue.

He also, interestingly enough, has a tidy business making wood carvings—as he once told an interviewer, “All you’ve got to do is, if you want to be an artist, have your brother plug it, and if your brother has 20 million followers, then boom.” According to his website, the adorable carving of Baby Groot, the snack tray depicting his brother’s Star-Lord character, and the likeness of the Jurassic World logo are all sold out. But some of Pratt’s work isn’t quite brand-safe for his movie star relative’s followers, particularly considering the general speculation over Chris Pratt’s own potential right-wing sympathies.

According to a recent story in Open Vallejo, the elder Pratt brother has used his artistic talents to render a truly impressive mash-up of various militia iconographies, betraying a particular knowledge of the Three Percenters, the anti-government extremists with significant presence at the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and later at last month’s Capitol siege.

The Open Vallejo story—which is absolutely worth reading in full—recounts years of social media posts from Pratt and a handful of his colleagues in the department, including a friend named Roy Stockton who was recently elected to the Vacaville City Council. In 2018, perhaps unwisely, Pratt posted on Instagram with a rifle display rack he’d made for his buddy featuring a Three Percenter decal ringed by shotgun shells and the words “Will Not Comply.” Stockton, another cop-slash-artist, sells leather and metal trinkets adorned with Three Percenter logos and likenesses of the Gadsen flag. The pair run a charity together, where they’ve been photographed with another public employee with the anti-government militia’s logo tattooed on his leg.

Given the deep ties between militia movements, police departments, and the military—Daniel served eight years in the army and has been a cop since 2003—it isn’t particularly surprising that Pratt and his colleagues would be, at the very least, imagining themselves as being in conversation with the militia group that takes its name from a fantasy of small units overthrowing the federal government. Certainly, Daniel’s appearance within the broader spectrum of police nationalism and vigilante hate groups paints his brother’s political leanings—on which he’s been rather quiet recently—in a different light.

In any case, Pratt no longer appears to be named as the public information officer at the Solano County Sheriff’s department—though, interestingly, the URL and heading for the position’s webpage still bears his name. A request for clarification on his current role, and whether that switch was made recently, was not returned.

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