Chrissy Teigen Fills Us in on John Legend and Kanye West's 'Civil Discourse'

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So that there are no gaps in our historical record, Chrissy Teigen has been kind enough to to offer an eye-witness account of what might generously be called The Discourse between Kanye West and John Legend.

In April, West published private text messages between him and Legend on social media. In those texts what we basically see is Legend trying to talk West down from espousing the horrifying political beliefs we are all too familiar with, and West then accusing him of, like, mind control or something.

Teigen explained in an interview for Vogue’s November issue:

“The thing with Kanye is that his opinions have always been super strong. He’s never been the guy to push them on you, but he will say what he wants to say. Same with John. That’s why I loved that they were able to have this civil discourse. Kanye learned a lot in the months after that. John did, too.”


“You can’t just believe you’re the right one all the time. That’s what makes us horrible. Trust me: My views are super liberal, and I’m like, How could anyone not think this way? But people are also entitled to their opinion.”

I don’t think Kanye learned anything!

[E! News]

Meghan Markle’s sister, Samantha Markle, told The Sun on Tuesday that her sister’s pregnancy “just makes everything that happened over the last year disappear. I want Meghan to be happy and calm and have peace. Everybody needs to be positive.”

However, she does continue, at length, on the subject of her father, Thomas Markle, being omitted from Harry and Meghan’s announcement that they are expecting a child:

“I would hope that—for the sake of the baby, the family, the world, and my dad—that leaving him out of the statement was not intentional. I hope my dad is included and at a proper time. If he is excluded, I won’t be happy. It is in the best interests of the baby for my dad to be included … A baby changes everything and softens everyone. I would only hope that there would be some adjustment or some way of including him. I think we all have to safeguard against any negative or hurt feelings and just work towards a positive joyous new life in the world.”

This is kind of petty and transparent, therefore it belongs to the world now, and to Dirt Bag in particular.

[The Sun]

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