Christian Louboutin Creates Sky High, Obscene, Snake Stilettos

  • This shoe is made by Christian Louboutin, out of python skin, leather, cobbler’s glue, and, we assume, diamond-plated unicorn farts. Because what else could justify a $2,875 price tag? Happy recession! [The.Life.Files]
  • Lindsay Lohan made the cover of Taiwan Harper’s Bazaar, which a celebrity blogger initially misidentified as China Harper’s Bazaar. An international incident unfolded in the comments. “Actually it is from Taiwan’s Harper’s Bazaar,not China…….” wrote the user SAM. “Taiwan is a part of China,” shot back someone called liangjuan. “Taiwan is independent as territory of the ROC, it is not part of the PRC,” offered a stickler for details. “TAIWAN IS NOT PART OF CHINA!!!!! It is an independent country and it has NOTHING to do with China,” said Taiwan Is My Life. Someone else pointed out the extensive use of Photoshop, and several users debated the invisibility of Lindsay’s freckles, and downright Freudian levels of cocaine use. Someone called A split the difference: “photoshop does wonders ha. and taiwan and china are not the same.” Then someone who reads Mandarin on The Fashion Spot pointed out the cover is from April 2008, not April 2009, and the seeming importance of all this faded. [JustJared]
  • Charlotte Ronson threw a party for her J.C. Penney line, I Heart Ronson (which is pretty bad). This story doesn’t mention how Lindsay Lohan was turned away at the door by security. Then she Twittered that Sam Ronson had broken her heart. [WWD]
  • In response, Lindsay threw herself into her work. She’s now designing pantyhose! Control-top pantyhose. [The Cut]
  • People has the details of Gisele Bundchen‘s wedding gown. Presumably they shot this grainy telephoto image of a woman wearing an white dress before their photographers’ window was shot out by a trigger-happy bodyguard? The dress and veil were John Galliano, custom, of course. Gisele’s veil involved six feet of white silk tulle and hand-sewn lace, while her gown was bias-cut silk satin. [People]
  • Veronica Webb might launch a jewelry line. “I would make accessories that would be the ultimate building blocks of women’s wardrobes,” she told New York last week at a Topshop opening party. “You know, things that they could interchange from season to season, and no matter what, they’d have the perfect little thing at their fingertip every time you need to get dressed in twenty minutes and leave the house — the belt that matters, the hoops that matter.” Ah, yes. Accessories that matter. I’ve always craved those. Then she said Kate Moss was only as tall as her 6-year-old. [The Cut]
  • Roberto Cavalli went ahead and extended his licensing deal with Itterre SpA, the bankrupted manufacturer whose subpar construction and late deliveries Cavalli alleged was the reason he had to cancel his fall Just Cavalli show at the last minute. At the time, Cavalli ranted — and cried — about Ittierre’s actions to the international media, and Ittierre threatened to sue. Cavalli’s new deal wipes away $26.5 million in royalties the designer claims Ittierre owes him. He must really want to sell that 20% stake in his company. [WWD]
  • Alessandro Dell’Acqua has quit as creative director of Malo after less than a year in the position. IT Holdings SpA, the parent company of Ittierre, owns Malo and the label Gianfranco Ferré, which has been rudderless since the death of its founder last year. After Ittierre went bankrupt, IT Holdings was forced to announce its own bankruptcy. [WWD]
  • Karen Elson, the British supermodel who married Jack White, moved to Nashville and opened a vintage store with a stylist friend. They look very happy. And well-dressed. [Blackbook]
  • The CEO of the Gap, Glenn Murphy, took home $9.3 million last year. Despite his company’s under-performance. [WWD]
  • Christian Siriano would like everyone to know that CariDee English, formerly of that television show about weaves and feelings, is not his casting choice for his fall campaign. CariDee happened to do a test shoot recently with Brad Walsh, Siriano’s photographer boyfriend, and for that shoot, Walsh styled CariDee in clothes from Siriano’s main collection and shoes from his Payless line. Then, CariDee gave an interview to After Elton about how OMG she loves teh geighs SO MUCH!!! (and Fashion!), and somehow, the interviewer came away with the impression that the shoot was for Siriano’s campaign. Which is not true. Christian loves CariDee, and he would do anything for her, but he won’t do that. [The Cut]
  • Yves Saint Laurent will offer a “new vintage” capsule collection starting next month at Barney’s. The clothes will be made from fabrics from the label’s archives. It’s all part of a strategy to increase consumer spending on luxury items that doesn’t involve sales — brands think they can do this by making their offerings seem more special and personal. [WWD]
  • Beyoncé‘s $11,000 shopping spree at Patricia Field‘s store included the purchase of a hand-made mask. Pat has no idea what she’ll use it for, either. [The Cut]
  • There are three good stories at the end of this link: for one, Oscar de la Renta is still digging. On learning that the First Lady, who has yet to wear anything designed by him, had worked a few pieces by European designers into her wardrobe for her trip to, you know, Europe, he said, “Our industry right now is having a very difficult time. I think it would be great if the First Lady dressed in American styles. There are a lot of talented people here too.” Which would sound less like a gloss on sour grapes coming from a guy who wasn’t saying just last week that Mrs. Obama looked dowdy in that sweater she wore to meet the Queen. Secondly, Lord & Taylor is picking up Liz Claiborne again after five years. Because Isaac Mizrahi is the designer now, and L & T recognizes that kaleidoplaid is the way of the future. Thirdly, Stila is maybe bankrupt/for sale. Their website is down, and carries a warning that orders placed in late March might be canceled. [WWD]
  • A good-looking 30-year-old San Francisco businessman, who happens to be a practicing Sikh, was spotted last year by the designer Kenneth Cole. Now he’s working for GQ, which just proves that…hotness knows no religion? [Telegraph]
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