Church Fires Unwed Mother For Refusing to Marry Fiancé


Apryl Kellam was dismissed from her position at a church day care after refusing to marry her fiancé. Kellam told CBS 6 that she was fired by her supervisor at Staples Mill Road Baptist Church in Virginia because she was in violation of church policy.

Her supervisor warned her in October “that she needed to marry her fiancé , James Coalson — or at least announce a wedding date by this week.” The couple is expecting their first child in April, they both have children from previous relationships. Kellam claims that the church was aware of her living situation when she was hired.

CBS 6 reports:

The parents said they were floored by the request because they intended to marry when the time was right for the family.
“I want to wait so we can have all our family and friends there and have a big wedding,” Kellam explained. “I just don’t want to go to the courthouse and have someone marry us.”
On Monday, the church defended its decision, saying it was difficult not being able to tell the church’s side of the story. Pastor James Booth said that he was bound by confidentiality laws because this is a personnel matter. However, Booth said the church’s policy does not discriminate against single women or unwed mothers.

In a classic move, Booth added, “We have a number of single women who are employed here and serve well. We have a number of single moms who serve well.” The pastor insists the church was simply following their personnel handbook which is “rooted in our statement of faith and our biblical beliefs.”

Two days prior to her termination, Kellam was given a raise and a glowing job review.

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