Cities Across America Reject PETA Ads


PETA has done a lot of things to piss people off, but their newest offer – to help cash-strapped cities pay off their deficit through ads on trash cans – makes us wonder if anyone can stomach the organization.

After hearing about Colorado Spring’s money woes, PETA came up with a deal: You let us plaster all your trashcans with images of an attractive model in a lettuce bikini, complete with the message “Meat Trashes the Planet,” and we’ll help you cover the cost of trash removal. Kristina Addington, campaign organizer for PETA, calls it a “win-win,” but other cities (including Oklahoma City and Milwaukee) have already turned down similar offers. While Wayne Laugesen at the Colorado Springs Gazette argues in favor of the idea, most people don’t seem too keen on having to look at foliage-boobs on a daily basis. An online poll found that 73% of respondents are against the proposal, and city spokeswoman Sue Skiffington-Blumberg says they don’t intend to accept the offer as it stands; “We’d welcome them, but not with a political message.”

Unfortunately for Colorado Springs, PETA without a political message no longer exists, and asking PETA to put away their breasts is an exercise in futility. And anyway, who supports PETA these days? Their any press is good press policy has certainly made the organization somewhat notorious, but it doesn’t seem to have done much for animal rights. At least at this site, readers are more likely to respond with “excuse me while I eat a double bacon cheeseburger” than “that’s it, I’m going to change my life to benefit the planet.” Besides, who is this ad supposed to sway? 14-year-old boys afraid of contracting some strange vagina-face disease who just need that extra push to go veg? Campaigners at PETA can’t actually expect anyone to change their habits based on a trashy ad, and maybe they don’t much care. We’re beginning to think they’re just fucking with us. Ingrid Newkirk probably has shares in Wendy’s – there is no other way explanation as to why she wants to drive so many people to death by beef.

PETA’s Money Comes With A Message For Cash-Strapped City [LA Times]
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Image via This Dish Is Vegetarian

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