Claire Danes Continues to Cry, This Time with James Marsden


The trailer for the Claire Danes movie As Cool As I Am has been released, and it is not, contrary to popular belief, set to a whole bunch of Mike Posner songs. It does, however, have Claire and James Marsden and Elton from Clueless who is really getting his time in the sun as a heartthrob for Moms, isn’t he?

See also: Anika Noni Rose, Peter Fonda, ALANIS MORISSETTE (AS HERSELF) and MARIO BATALI (AS HIMSELF), all in this movie where “A smart teenage girl comes of age in a small town with her self-centered parents who had her when they were teenagers.” Said Smart Teenage Girl (STG) is played by Sarah Bolger, whom you may have seen as Mary Tudor on The Tudors. I stopped watching that show when I realized that it was historical and they were going to kill anyone I cared about so I can’t vouch for her but I’m sure she did a good job dealing with Henry VIII trying to get it in incessantly. (Feel free to use this as an excuse to watch the Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut again.)

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