Clueless Is 18 Years Old Today. Let's Celebrate with a GIF Party!


Clueless was released 18 years ago today, which means, among other things, that it can now buy cigarettes and that you are probably very, very old. But don’t let the unrelenting march of time get you down — this is cause for huge celebration! Clueless can vote now! (Pismo Beach disaster relief is going to be a MAJOR issue on the ballot this year.) You use the word “sporadically” in daily conversation! You know that Alaïa is, like, a totally important designer and that “To thine own self be true” is a quote by Polonius in Hamlet! These are just some of the countless gifts Clueless has given us in the past 18 years.

So it’s time to dig through Cher’s laundry for the perfect party dress, realize the importance of love on the freeway and roll with the homies. Bettys, Baldwins: We’re about to have a Clueless gif party (that you don’t even need to drive to the Valley for).

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