Colbert's Last Election Special Isn't the Goodbye He Thought It'd Be


Rather than focus on the midterm election results, let’s focus on another tragedy. After 14 years of brilliantly lampooning politics with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert will—after last night—-never again give election night coverage on Comedy Central.

Colbert reflected on this last night in a passionate and heartwarming goodbye to his many viewers.

“Tonight marks a sort of farewell for me,” the host began. “But who knows? Maybe someday you’ll see me on TV again and you’ll nudge your spouse and say, ‘Hey, I remember that guy. I used to love him. Maybe I will buy his Slap Chop.’ So that’s it for The Report. I’ll simply end by saying it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be welcomed into your homes these last 9 years. So to you and yours, I say a fond —”

Stephen was then informed that he actually has another whole month of the show left before it’s done for good. Oh, well. I’m sure he can use the same speech again later.

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