Colorado Pastor Impersonates US Marshall, Solicits and Attacks Gay Man


Today, in What-the-Fuckery, Reverend Michael Abromovich, a pastor over at Colorado Springs’ Set Free Ministry has been extradited from Arizona back to Colorado on felony charges of kidnapping, robbery, and impersonating an officer. According to Raw Story:

Abromovich allegedly used the online classified ad site Craigslist to solicit other men for sex. Using the name “Mike,” Abromovich allegedly lured a man to a Motel 6, then leapt from the car, shouting, “U.S. marshal!” He then threw the man against the door, handcuffed him and pointed a gun — which police now believe was a paint gun — at him.

Abromovich then “confiscated” the poor man’s belongings for “evidence” before skipping town. While he currently awaits his trial set for Tuesday, police suspect there are other men who have been attacked by Abromovich and have not yet come forward.

Look everyone, I know on the surface everything in Colorado is microbreweries and legal pot and beautiful mountains and legal pot and skiing and fun and smothered burritos and breakfast in general and subarus with Thule racks and #PFM and Casa Bonita and drag pageants at the county fair and tra-la-la (it totally is), but shit like this only confirms the suspicions that Colorado is well on its way to being the next Florida. If Florida completed two and a half years of a poli sci/engineering double major.

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