Congress’s Best Professors Teamed Up for a Free Lesson On Trump’s (Allegedly) Crime Taxes

Congress’s Best Professors Teamed Up for a Free Lesson On Trump’s (Allegedly) Crime Taxes
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Class is in session folks, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Katie Porter are taking us to money school. The two educators– before they were holding democracy together with cardigans and whiteboards both women were professors, Warren at Harvard and Porter at the University of California, Irvine–teamed up for an impromptu Zoom class breaking down the New York Times‘s article about Trump’s taxes for those who didn’t have the time or mental fortitude to read the whole thing.

While the entire chat was equal parts delightful and infuriating, the worst part was the reminder that in 2010, Trump got a tax refund of $72.9 million and the reason he’s been under “audit” for so long is that he’s really under investigation to determine whether or not he committed fraud when he accepted that money. Not that I would ever side with this orange creature but there are a lot of crimes I would allegedly commit for that amount of money. Allegedly.

While the video was a fun few minutes of dunking on Trump and mocking his excessive need to lie and spend money, the real purpose of the class was to sing the praises of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have presumably not robbed the American people of millions and millions worth of taxes. Warren and Porter also reminded the 230,ooo+ people watching that just complaining about the tax thing isn’t enough. The message, as with everything these days from boots to underpants, was to vote. [Twitter]

Amy Coney Barrett, the current Supreme Court nominee who will likely replace Justice Ginsburg, isn’t just anti-abortion, she appears to be a supporter of anti-abortion extremists. The Guardian reports that in 2006, Barrett signed her name to an ad run by an anti-abortion group that believed life began at fertilization and referred to Roe v. Wade as a law that allowed for “barbaric” practices. (Barrett’s husband’s name also appears on the list.)

The ad was for a group called Saint Joseph County Right to Life and stated that the group was praying for an end to abortion. Not only do they not believe in access to abortion, the group–and by default Barrett who signed her name– believes that “the discarding of unused or frozen embryos created in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process ought to be criminalized, a view that is considered to be extreme even within the anti-abortion movement.”

Now known as Right to Life Michiana, the organization is still in operation and is now larger, having merged with another anti-abortion group. According to their page, they’re still hard at work decrying Roe v. Wade and even have a “life team program” targeted at middle schoolers to teach them “the science of fetal development, the history and practice of abortion, and what to do when their friends or loved ones encounter crisis pregnancies.” [The Guardian]

  • After shouting them out at the first presidential debate, Donald Trump is now claiming he has no idea who the Proud Boys are. Convenient! [Forbes]
  • Trump is allowing the government to stay open at least until December 11, which is in two months for those of you who can’t recall what day it is. [New York Post]
  • Joe Biden facetimed with Joanne Rogers, widow of the late great Mr. Rogers, and it is the only good thing that has happened this week. [The Hill]
  • A study finds that the “single largest driver” of misinformation about the coronavirus is actually Donald Trump. Congratulations, he finally won something fair and square. [New York Times]
  • Former Murray Energy CEO, Robert Murray who fought against black lung regulations, recently filed to receive black lung benefits. I believe they call this irony. [NPR]
  • Where is the goddam river, Kayleigh? [Twitter]
  • A federal judge is saying no thanks to Trump’s law enforcement commission. [HuffPost]
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