Connie Britton and I Are Both Against a Friday Night Lights Reboot

Connie Britton and I Are Both Against a Friday Night Lights Reboot
Screenshot: (NBC)

Friday Night Lights is, in my humble and television-addicted opinion, one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and Tami Taylor, played by the inimitable Connie Britton, is one of the greatest TV moms. I love to visit Dillon, Texas on Hulu—and yet, I do not want anyone to reboot or remake FNL as a TV show (there are rumors that a spinoff film is in the works, though there hasn’t been much news on that front since it was first announced last year).

It seems Britton agrees. Per Variety (emphasis mine):

Connie Britton opened up at a fireside chat Wednesday at the #BlogHer19 Creators Summit in Brooklyn by talking about one of her most beloved roles — Tami Taylor in the fan favorite series “Friday Night Lights.”
When asked if a remake of the sports cult film and Emmy-winning TV show is in the works she stated simply (but with a smile), “You need to let it go.”

I’ve been wrong about my declared opposition to television reboots before—the new Veronica Mars season was pretty good, as was the Gilmore Girls revival. But Friday Night Lights needs to rest, and not just because it’s a show about a sport that inflicts serious brain damage upon its players. For one thing, Friday Night Lights is a show about a fairly conservative town in West Texas—in many ways, the world is different now than it was in 2005, and it might struggle to find its footing in an era as deeply politicized as this one.

I am also afraid Matt Saracen’s grandmother is dead by now, and I’m not sure I can face it. Michael B. Jordan is assuredly too famous to return. Taylor Kitsch has weird adult facial hair. Let Friday Night Lights go, but also please never un-stream it.

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