Conservative Congress Candidate Poses With Wholesome Horse Erection


You may not yet be familiar with congressional candidate Gary Kiehne, a hell of a guy who’s all about family values, fighting abortion and making up statistics about who’s responsible for mass shootings (democrats), but you’re about to be. Because the guy’s got a giant horse dong in his campaign ad. Won’t somebody think of the children?

According to AdRants, the horse in the photo is just doing what comes naturally (peeing in the wild), and while I freely admit that I’m not an expert in horse boners (yet) that definitely looks like a giant horse erection to me. But even if it isn’t (and no one is shaming you here, horse, you look great!), wouldn’t you think someone should have checked those pictures out and photoshopped them before unleashing them on the public?

How does Kiehne expect someone to vote for him to be in charge of stuff when he can’t even be in charge of removing dicks from his campaign ads? Maybe Kiehne should worry less about repealing Obamacare and focus more on what exactly is making him so appealing to horses that they’re popping tents in his presence. Is it the hat? It’s gotta be the hat.

Lead image via Facebook

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