Consider This: Bowl Cuts Are Good


For this fall, a radical proposition: consider the bowl cut. It is this season’s must-have look, and I will not hear otherwise.

You might be hearing otherwise, so just consider it! I first saw this revolutionary new style (what’s old is new, etc. etc.) in a new light while perusing photos of last night’s Saint Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week; model Chiharu Okunugi walked down the runway sporting a flouncy neck scarf and a leather one-piece and jacket and—yes—an excellent bowl cut. Her hair falls from the top of her head just past her eyes and ears, ending in a close crop above her chin. (Now that I look closely, her cheekbones go on for miles! How!!!)

This version of a bowl cut is particularly visually appealing: It’s sleek and mod without being too, oh I don’t know, ugly. Her bangs are two perfect curtains of hair drawn back just enough in the middle to reveal that yes, she has eyes!! While these bangs are quite the look—a very serious look that you’d have to really commit to, as your vision might be significantly obscured for several months before they grow out—together with the bowl cut, they form a kind of beautiful unison that makes me want to rock it. And I think I could, and I think you probably could, too! Bowls cut and heavy-set bangs: the great equalizer!

Okunugi isn’t the only one who’s been on the bowl cut train (hop abroad, this shit is leaving the station, choo choo) lately. Your boyfriend Timothée Chalamet was photographed with a bowl cut earlier this month, and so was Claire Foy. They may have both done it for a role (Chalamet for Netflix’s upcoming royal drama The King, and Foy for The Girl in the Spider’s Web), but the point of the matter is this: It looks great on them. Could it look great on you? It might. Those who don’t try never know.

All I’m saying is: Consider it! The bowl cut. It came from your childhood and it knows you. You knew it. Now re-introduce yourself. And say hello to your new lease on happiness.

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