Contest: Win A Complete Set Of Mad Men Barbie Dolls!


To celebrate Sunday’s season four premiere, we’re giving away a set of four Mad Men Barbie dolls. To score these treasured items, you must prove that you and your Photoshop skills could cut it at Sterling Cooper.

Yes: Mad Men dolls, courtesy of AMC. The possibilities are endless: Line them up on your couch to watch the show! Use them teach children about harassment in the workplace! Or just make Betty leave Don for Ken. An adult’s reasons for lusting after a 12-inch Jon Hamm doll are his or her own business, and we’re not going to judge.

Your assignment: Imagine and create the print ad Sterling Cooper would have come up for one of the following infomercial products:

Photoshop (or draw/paint/cut-n-paste/MS Paint/Polyvore/whatever, so long as the end result is digital) your Draper-level ad — catchy visuals, memorable words, the whole package — and pitch it to us. We’re looking for the entry that most clearly and amusingly mimics Sterling Cooper’s style. Bonus points will be awarded if you can make us tear up while describing how the Ped Egg “takes us to a place where we ache to go again.”

Post your ad in the comments here (or, if you’re shy, you can email your work to [email protected], subject line: CONTEST). Contest ends Sunday, July 25, at 8pm EDT.

On Monday, after we’ve had time to digest Sunday’s episode, we’ll announce the lucky winner.

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