Cool! Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Taking 10-Minute Flights

According to kimkjet, an Instagram account that tracks Kim Kardashian's private flights, the reality mogul is enacting "eco-terrorism."

Cool! Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Taking 10-Minute Flights

Jack Sweeney, the Florida college student who runs the social media accounts tracking the movements of Taylor Swift’s private plane (and last month, was subsequently threatened by the pop star’s attorneys), is once again in the press. This time though, it’s for his findings about a different elite’s “eco-terrorism” via their $150 million, cashmere-lined jet: Kim Kardashian.

The account, @kimkjet, reported that since January 1, Kardashian has taken 30 flights with her Gulfstream G65OERjet—five of which were taken in one day. More disturbingly, the account reported that not only did she make multiple 10-minute journeys but one eight-minute journey on March 4. That’s right. The flight lasted eight minutes, which isn’t even enough time to achieve some semblance of comfort on a commercial flight.

Since the start of the year, Kardashian has used the jet to attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, then New Orleans—presumably because she had a hankering for a beignet—and then on to Paris Fashion Week. Apparently, she left Paris just in time to be back in Los Angeles for Saint’s basketball game. You can call her an eco-terrorist but you can’t call her an unengaged mother!

According to statistics posted by kimkjet, the billionaire’s flights have used over 35,420 gallons of fuel and released 425 tons of C02 emissions. This, per the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, is the equivalent of the energy used by 55 homes or the electricity used by 83 homes in just one year. As the Daily Mail aptly noted, 7,027 trees would need to be planted and grown for a decade to offset the flights’ damage to the environment…


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Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity Sweeney has tracked. Elon Musk and Swift have also been revealed to have similar patterns when it comes to their private air travel. Musk offered to pay Sweeney a measly $5,000 to remove the account (@elonjet) then proceeded to block him when he refused the offer. Mature! And in a cease and desist, Swift’s team asserted that Sweeney’s tracking was effectively allowing for “individuals intent on harming her, or with nefarious or violent intentions, a roadmap to carry out their plans.”

Meanwhile, Sweeney’s attorney, James Slater, asserted in February that his client wasn’t “doing anything unlawful.”

As of now, Kardashian has yet to threaten Sweeney with legal action but methinks it’s really only a matter of time before she does. Perhaps she’ll fly to Orlando just to serve him papers. Why not?

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