County Sheriff Accuses Colleague of 'Penis Envy'


Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. accused Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele of “penis envy” because one of his aides lambasted him in a newspaper column for staying silent on proposed legislation to cut pay and funding for County Board members. Ok then!

“Sounds like a bit of penis envy by Abele in responding to Bice ([Abele aide Brendan] Conway’s the straw man here, you know that),” Clarke wrote on Right Wisconsin. “Abele is not used to taking a back seat to anyone, especially some black conservative sheriff.”

Clarke admitted that he doesn’t get along with the mayor, the police chief, and others, but apparently this particular criticism went too far.

“Abele’s true colors are revealed in this e-mail,” Clarke wrote. “When asked he continually looks into the camera of the media with that (expletive) eatin’ grin of his and tells them that by cutting my budget, laying off deputies and usurping the constitutional authority of the sheriff that his actions are not personal. Oh really? This e-mail to Bice tells a different story.”

Abele called for civility in an email to No Quarter today:

“The Governor and all County Executives, Mayors and Sheriffs across the state are dealing with challenging budgets,” Abele wrote. “We find the best solutions to tough problems when we work with each other professionally and treat each other with civility and respect. As always, I wish the Sheriff all the best.”

Well played. Hasn’t Clarke watched House of Cards? Get one of your aides to subtly suggest Abele has an STD or something.

[No Quarter]

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