Court Rules Naming Your Kids After Nazis Isn't Abuse, Just Fucked Up


A New Jersey couple who named their children “Adolph Hitler” and “Aryan Nation” claim that a court found no evidence of abuse, yet hasn’t granted them custody of their children.

The couple’s three children were removed from their parents’ custody in 2009 after the parents asked a local bakery to write “Adolph Hitler” on their son’s birthday cake. Authorities say they found tangible evidence of abuse and neglect of the children and that both parents were incompetent. The children’s parents say their kids were taken away because of their unconventional names, that a court found no evidence of abuse or neglect, and that they want their kids back.

They picketed outside a Flemington, NJ child services office on Tuesday, demanding the swift return of Adolph Hitler, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, and Honszlynn Himler. New Jersey Family Court had no comment, and the next court date for the couple is scheduled for December. What a shame. Halloween’s coming up. I bet they’d have some horrifying costumes.

Does it seem odd to anyone else that the most ardent defenders of the alleged purity and strength of white people genes always have really terrible white people genes?

Hitler’s Parents Claim Judge Found No Abuse of Little Adolph, Aryan Nation [NBC]

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