Courtney Courting Steven Meisel; Elle Editors Are Annoying

  • Courtney Love: into Miu Miu, playing guitar in flats, her upcoming David Letterman appearance, and landing a fashion spread with Steven Meisel. Oh, and this: “After lunch, I am going to chant for an hour and a half.” [Vogue]
  • The Scottish fashion show organized by Sean Connery sounds balls-out insane. If you’ll excuse the pun. Mike Myers in the audience? Donald Trump freely opining about Jesse James? Donald Trump, Jr., on the runway? Joan Jett in a feathered mohawk? Nigel Barker “judging,” but with no apparent “winner”? Sounds like a blast. But a weird blast. (And where was the most famous fashionable kilt-wearer of them all, Marc Jacobs?) [WSJ]
  • O.J. Simpson‘s acquittal suit, after being refused by the Smithsonian, has attracted the interest of the Newseum, which is mounting an exhibit related to the trial. “I hope it will be displayed in a way that will help people ponder the legal system and celebrity,” says O.J.’s lawyer, rather hopefully. [AP]
  • On her way back from a trip to New Zealand, Diane von Furstenberg popped into Sao Paulo to open her first store in Brazil. To celebrate the opening, the city and the mall where the store is located are mounting the exhibition André Leon Talley curated, “Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress.” [WWD]
  • Jean Paul Gaultier will be guest of honor at the French Film Festival in Athens next week. His movie picks include the Zeffirelli film Callas Forever and Loïc Prigent‘s Day Before documentary about, um, Jean Paul Gaultier. We’re amazed he missed an opportunity to celebrate the ultimate French-Greek director, Costa-Gavras. [WWD]
  • If the salary information Kelly Cutrone gives in this Forbes interview is in any way accurate, excuse us, we need to run, not walk, to the nearest PR office taking applications. “I think all human beings undervalue themselves,” says Cutrone, on salary negotiations more generally. “And you’d be surprised, because the more self-respect you have, and the more you are able to ask for what you deserve, the better you’re treated.” [Forbes]
  • Cutrone and her daughter Ava‘s closets sure are impressive. [The Cut]
  • A shoe company that hired a 17-year-old YouTube sensation by the handle of JuicyStar07 to vlog about their product saw their web traffic more than triple, to 700,000 visits, within a week, and saw its sales double in a little bit less than a month. As usual, the voice of reason is Simon Doonan, who has reservations about normalizing the use of incredibly young bloggers as a marketing tool. “In your 20s, it’s great to be a nobody so that you can figure out who you are and not place any expectations on yourself.” [WSJ]
  • We don’t really buy the premise of this article about Victoria’s Secret, and how it serves as a “launching pad” for models. Victoria’s Secret models are, in a way, a self-selecting group: the company doesn’t make supermodels, it picks amongst them. Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, and Gisele Bundchen were already superstars, at least within the world of fashion, when they earned their wings. Sure, the, ahem, exposure might help broaden their appeal, but does VS alone give them access to any special new skills or experiences? I doubt it. Bigger question: Why is the company being rewarded with such glowing coverage in Forbes? [Forbes]
  • This piece in Women’s Wear Daily, about how a smart model can take information and inspiration from exposure to the industry in general — not to mention practical experience and contacts — in order to branch out into other ventures seems much more on the money. How many designers can say they observed Yves Saint Laurent from the draping through the final alterations? Model Katherine Poulton founded a knitwear line called the North Circular with Lily Cole and trained designers Izzy Lane and Alice Ashby. Poulton says, “We were expecting that backlash, but I think people [now] are clued up to models not being stupid.” Eva Herzigova, who closed her swimwear business when she became a mother, is launching a line with the fast-fashion brand 1.2.3 in Paris later this week. She says it’s much easier to work with an established brand than to try and found your own company. [WWD]
  • Behati Prinsloo is launching her line for Victoria’s Secret, Behati Loves Pink. The one swimsuit here looks cool, but we especially love that her black nailpolish is chipped, and her cat is named Gollum. [Refinery29]
  • Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, did Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lose her contract, or do they just not have her tied to an ironclad non-compete in her native land? In any case, she is the new face of Monsoon lingerie. [Daily Mail]
  • The private-equity firm that bought a 40% stake in Stuart Weitzman in 2005 is shopping around for a sale. According to Weitzman himself, Jones Apparel Group is on the list of potential buyers. [Crain’s]
  • It’s so funny how seriously everyone at Elle takes themselves. [Fashionologie]
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