CreepShots Is Back and Impersonating Lesbians


You can take r/CreepShots out of Reddit, but you unsurprisingly can’t stop Redditors from coming up with disgusting new ways to fetishize non-consent. A tipster from the subreddit r/actuallesbians alerted us to two new creepshot forums, in which moderators are not only posting photos of unsuspecting women but mocking the LGBTQ community at the same time.

There’s r/CandidFashionPolice, where “people post candid photos of women and then we judge their fashion choices similar to TLC’s what not to wear” and posters are instructed to “speak like a sassy Diva when commenting or posting.”

We won’t link directly to the photos, but it’s very, very clear that they’re creepshots in disguise as “flamboyant gay guys.”

Many of the exact same photos are on r/Cshots as well, along with headlines like “Fellow lesbian eating pussy at a strip club parking lot. Mmm, I wish she was eating my cunt.” The photos wouldn’t be okay if they were posted by lesbians — or if they were really posted by fashion-obsessed gay dudes — but according to r/actuallesbians and our source, that’s not the case, as evidenced by the moderators with titles like “Women’s Rights Activist” and “Women’s Shelter Employee.” (Look, notorious troll/CreepShot fan POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS is one, too!)

The women on r/actuallesbians are appalled, especially since r/Cshots linked to their subbreddit to validate itself. As one woman writes:

“Funny because women wouldn’t peddle this shit but sad because hiding behind the lesbian identity, people (namely the homophobes) will think we actually participate in this shit. There are some really awesome parts of reddit where I can find people I relate to that don’t exist in my town but reddit is quickly degrading itself into a testosterone filled pornography pit. It’s making it harder and harder for me to excuse my sticking around.”

If you check out the moderators, you can see that many of them are spamming other subreddits with links to r/Cshots with posts like “r/creepshots is gone but now theirs r/CandidFashionPolice where we take candid photos of women and judge there fashion choices.”

Redditors: increasingly alienating absolutely everyone except for straight creepy male assholes.

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