Cronut Chef's Cronutterie Closed Due to "Severe Mouse Infestation"

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The bakery belonging to Chef Dominique Ansel, inventor of the Cronut and other weird desserts, was shut down yesterday by the health department for a “severe mouse infestation.” Given his predilection for nonsensical desserts, I’m amazed he didn’t try to stuff them with marshmallow fluff and serve them to customers.

Two days ago, a customer spotted a mouse scurrying around behind the counter (e.g. where they keep the cronuts). Though it opened for business yesterday, by 3 PM, it was closed with a notice from the Department of Health on the front door. The explanation given by the DoH also cited that the infestation was apparently severe enough that it “requires professional pest control services.” The video above clearly shows a mouse scurrying around by the pastries.

Though the bakery had previously been given an A rating by the DoH, it had also been cited for mice back in October, which makes me wonder how the hell you get anything OTHER than an A rating from the NY DoH. According to a rep for the bakery:

“the team and our staff went through an entire deep cleaning session that lasted 7 whole hours with some of managers pulling a full 24 shift and Chef on his knees searching yesterday. They didn’t find anything and anticipate it may have come from the outside as we have a greenhouse and park with doors opened during the nicer weather days. As you guys know, cleanliness is something that is of utmost importance to us and in the close to three years we’ve been opened we have received nothing but A’s on our health inspects.”

For now, the citizens of New York City will sadly have to get their fix for weird, overhyped desserts from the cupcake ATM, until such time as the bakery re-opens or the next inexplicable fad appears.

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