​Custody Battle Over Ikea Monkey Ends in Heartbreak


The saga of the Ikea monkey—the infant Japanese macaque who got loose in an Ikea and inspired an entire generation of memes—has finally come to a close. After months of battling the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary for ownership of Darwin the monkey, Yasmin Nakhuda has finally given up the gun in face of mounting legal costs (upwards of $83K) and the dwindling chances of getting a monkey back from an animal sanctuary.

As the Globe and Mail reports, Nakhuda is devestated, saying, “The legal system failed us and Darwin. We are broken-hearted and we anticipate that we will continue to live in pain.”

The sanctuary, on the other hand, is a bit more concerned about the human impact on Darwin and his social and cognitive development, having been imprinted at so young an age. Despite her loss, Nakhuda remains hopeful:

“All we can hope is that the sanctuary will show compassion by allowing us to see Darwin and give him the warmth of hugs that Darwin craves and needs for his proper development,” Nakhuda said.
“Somehow, deep in my heart, I believe that Darwin and I will still be reunited through the power of love.”

All the best to Darwin as he…begins a new chapter (I’m sorry) in the Story Book Sanctuary.

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