Cynthia Nixon Will Talk to Wendy Williams About Taking Down Andrew Cuomo


Cynthia Nixon, who is one Oscar away from an EGOT and one primary election from unseating sniveling politician and NY governor Andrew Cuomo, has granted her first sit-down televised interview to the Wendy Williams Show. The interview airs on Wednesday. Cuomo’s freakout hits on Tuesday.

Variety first reported the interview, noting that Wendy Williams is a rather unorthodox choice for a political candidate to launch her run. But Williams has a viewership of about 2 million people and is popular all over the state, including in upstate cities that Manhattanite Nixon might otherwise have trouble reaching. “We win by getting her in front of voters, because we actually want them to see the real Cynthia,” Rebecca Katz, who serves as Nixon’s campaign spokesperson, told Variety. “And that’s what we get with Wendy. Her viewers are a large and crucial part of the electorate, and her show reaches all corners of the state.”

Nixon recently won endorsements from former Sex and the City cast mates Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall, though so far elected officials like Kristin Gillibrand and groups like the Human Rights Campaign are backing Cuomo. Though Nixon, a longtime activist and public education advocate, has been working hard to convince voters her acting career doesn’t preclude her from taking public office, it’ll be hard to unseat a politician as entrenched, if corrupt and viscous, as Cuomo.

Still, Cuomo had a terrible 2018, and he’s certainly nervous. Some Nixon critics are concerned her gubernatorial run sets a chilling precedent for celebrities seeking elected office—a concern that’s understandable, considering who we’ve got as President. Then again, considering how expensive it is to run for elected office, until the United States gets money out of politics we’re mostly either stuck with longtime career politicians or billionaires/billionaire celebrities who self-fund, and Nixon managed to work with feuding Cattrall and Parker for years, so she can probably handle Albany.

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