​Damn Right Tina Belcher Is the Best Character on TV


Everyone’s favorite butt connoisseur has been named the reigning queen of television and we’re all better for it.

Almost 75,000 people voted in Entertainment Weekly‘s Best Character on TV Right Now poll, and for the first time, I can proudly support democracy as an effective system. Tina Belcher of Bob’s Burgers came out on top, beating out Sherlock Holmes, Arya Stark, Alison Hendrix, Mindy Lahiri, and Ron Swanson. Give yourselves a pat on the back, internet, you done good.

I suppose if there is one thing that will unite us after all, it’s the ghastly hormonal experience that is adolescence. And no one, NO ONE I TELL YOU, pulls it off with more style, grace, and pure sensuality than erotic friend fiction novelist and mergina detective Tina Belcher. And as someone who, for the most part, verbally communicates in groans and other extended monosyllabic noises, this is very inspiring. Long live Tina Belcher.

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