Danny Castellano Moonwalks Into Our Hearts On Mindy Project


The list of dateable qualities about Danny Castellano has been extended after Tuesday night’s episode of The Mindy Project. My and Mindy’s boyfriend did the moonwalk, and it was a beautiful thing. Chris Messina will not stop dancing and who can blame him.

This episode was all about time management. Danny’s a punctual guy, and Mindy of course is chronically late (Tamra jokes about being on CPT, Caramel Princess Time). Danny’s victory dance comes after Mindy fails at trying to make him late on purpose. Here’s a gif of that moment. It’s actually a moonwalk-slash-Dougie.

Danny is right here. At a certain point, chronically late people are selfishly disregarding everyone’s time, especially nowadays when it’s so easy to check how long it takes to get to a place. Use Google Maps, G.

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