DEA Head Will Resign In Light of All Those DEA Sex Parties 


Michele Leonhart, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, is reportedly due to announce her resignation sometime very soon. Leonhart is said to be resigning over a scandal in which DEA agents attended sex parties paid for by drug cartels and oftentimes thrown in the DEA’s own taxpayer-funded living spaces.

Virtually every major TV news outlet seems to have been tipped off by an unnamed “senior White House official” that Leonhart is announcing her resignation; ABC news reports that the announcement could come as early as this afternoon.

Leonhart, who didn’t attend any drug-cartel-sponsored sex parties herself, has spent her career in law enforcement: she became a DEA agent in the 1980s, was the DEA’s first female Special Agent in Charge and was appointed as DEA administrator by President Obama in 2010. She ran into controversy even before the unfortunate sex party booboo, reportedly criticizing President Obama’s statement that marijuana is pretty similar to alcohol and saying that drug cartel violence in Mexico against children and civilians somehow means the drug war is working.

Leonhart’s resignation is not a surprise: last week, 22 members of the House Oversight Committee from both sides of the aisle issued a statement saying they’d lost confidence in her leadership. The statement called Leonhart “woefully unable to change or positively influence the pervasive ‘good old boy’ culture that exists throughout the agency.”

Leonhart pictured at a press conference in 2012. Photo via AP.

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