Dear God, Not Another Ted Bundy Show

Dear God, Not Another Ted Bundy Show
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First, there was Netflix’s boring, sexist docuseries on Ted Bundy, a banal serial killer who was frequently deemed a charming “genius” because he eluded police officers who simply did not do their job properly. And then there was Netflix’s dramatized biopic about Bundy, directed by the same man who did the docuseries—which starred Zac Efron. All of this somehow led to a nauseating conversation online about women who have a crush on Ted Bundy, which escalated so much that Netflix had to chime in to tell women to stop.

So, yeah, I feel pretty Bundy’d out. But Amazon, which doesn’t care what I think, just announced its own Ted Bundy project, Deadline reports. Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer will be a five-part series, out in 2020, in which Bundy’s girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and his daughter Molly grant rare interviews.

The hope is that this show, directed and produced by Trish Wood, tells Bundy’s story from the perspective of women and strikes a different tone than its predecessors. Even then, how many of these do we really need?

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