Dear NRA: Don't Mess With Leslie Knope


Or, frankly, any other members of the Pawnee Parks Department.

When the NRA posted a tweet on Wednesday using a GIF of Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope to thank Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the organization, the cast of the show was understandably upset.

Parks and Rec stars like Nick Offerman and Adam Scott demanded the NRA take down the image, with the former politely asking them to “eat shit.”

And even though Amy Poehler isn’t on Twitter, co-creator of the show Michael Shur (whose handle is Ken Tremendous) tweeted that Poehler personally told him, to tell the NRA, to fuck right off.

NRA, in the words of Leslie Knope, you have five seconds to take down this GIF or she will rip your throats out.

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