Dear Vivienne Westwood: SATC Probably Isn't That Into You

  • Vivienne Westwood wants to write the sequel to the Sex and the City movie. Westwood, who critiqued Patricia Field‘s costumes, is “obsessed” and has allegedly contacted producers and SJP about the scenario. [Telegraph]
  • Oy. Goody’s Family Clothing has gone under. [WSJ]
  • Ooh, this is good! Tracy Feith is the next Go! for Target designer, premiering in May. [WWD]
  • Purple is apparently big — again — for spring. [USA Today]
  • Thank goodness: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors are, at least, doing full runway shows in February. [WSJ]
  • Meanwhile, Oscar de la Renta single-handedly saves the day by adding an additional show! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Estee Lauder ad is pulled after people complain that it doesn’t actually “make wrinkles disappear instantly.” [Telegraph]
  • Carolina Herrera: “Long hair after 40 is out in my book as it looks too messy and too young. Women need to learn how to age gracefully.” But what about a classic bun?! [Times of London]
  • Struggling Liz Claiborne hires a new president of retail. [WWD]
  • Kirsten Dunst‘s hipster-fab lookbook for Scott Sternberg sounds…um, boring. “A soundless montage of Kiki dressed in Boy’s louche, preppy Spring collection walking across a white seamless at an almost dreamy clip.” [StyleFile]
  • American Apparel is only opening 16 stores this year — one fifth the number it opened last year. On the other hand, how amny AA-free blocks are left in the world? [Racked]
  • The new $8 grand Stephen Sprouse-inspired Louis Vuitton skateboard comes in an LV case that has less street cred than anything we’ve ever seen. [The Life Files]
  • Drew Barrymore‘s bizarre, dry “puffy cloud hair” is, allegedly, a trend. [ElleUK]
  • So, turns out Rachel Zoe styled both Kate and Anne for the Bride Wars premiere. “Kate had this idea in her head. She wanted to play off the whole bridal theme of the movie and do full-on and do something over the top. It had the drama of a bridal gown but it wasn’t totally bridal…It was Annie’s idea to do a tuxedo and my initial reaction was that they were going to look like a bride and groom…and she liked that.” [WWD]
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