Debra Messing on Trolling Kim Kardashian: ‘I Was Not Intending to Troll Her’

On Tamron Hall, Messing apologized "to anyone who took it that way."


Prolific tweeter, activism doer, and sometimes actor Debra Messing continues to step in mess…

Back in September, Messing tweeted huffily in response to news that Kim Kardashian would be hosting Saturday Night Live. “Why Kim Kardashian?,” she wondered to her nearly 700,000 followers and those who wouldn’t be caught dead following her but lurk for the love of drama. “I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch. Am I missing something?” She sure was, and people gave it to her in the form of a trivial, but amusing backlash.

Well, on Wednesday’s episode of Tamron Hall, Susan Sarandon’s frequent social media adversary explained what she was thinking when she hit send on that inadvertently iconic tweet.

“I was not intending to troll her,” said Messing on trolling Kardashian. “And if anybody took it that way, I apologize. That was never my intention. She is this phenomenon, I mean, she is a cultural icon. I am someone who grew up with SNL. I love comedy. And they have had for decades this sort of formula and I noticed that they changed the formula and I was like, ‘Oh, does she have a new TV show coming out? Does she have a book coming out? Is she in a movie?’ And she didn’t have anything coming out. Actually, her TV show had just wrapped.”

Considering that Kim Kardashian’s life’s work is being Kim Kardashian, she always has something coming out—every time she leaves her house!

“So, I was just confused,” continued Messing. “I have been living under a rock. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of pop culture, so I was, like, OK…has she been doing something on the side that I’m not aware of because I’ve been so focused on activism?”

Wow, that’s just an absolutely beautiful quote. Please keep this one in your toolbox the next time your crowd-sourcing tweet goes awry!

“And clearly, it was interpreted differently,” said Messing. “And I watched her and I thought she was amazing. And I was rooting for her. If you know me and you follow me, then you know that I consistently lift up women. I support women. So, I hope that people understand that that was never my intention.”

We get it! It’s called activism.

It’s probably a rough week for Messing, as the trailer for Being the Ricardos dropped. In that movie, Nicole Kidman plays Lucille Ball, a role the comedy-loving Messing let the world knew she was available for. 🙁

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