Deena Gets Bi-Curious


It’s not exactly weird to see two drunk girls kissing—especially on a show that’s all about people getting drunk and hooking up—but it was interesting to see Deena’s open-minded approach to kissing a girl. It didn’t really seem like it was one of those endeavors solely undertaken for the sake of turning on any guys who might be watching. No, Deena legitimately wanted to hook up with that girl out of what appeared to be a genuine curiosity about whether or not she liked girls. So kudos to her. She tried it, decided it wasn’t for her, and then passed the girl on to Vinny. That part was strange. That’s not something you usually do with a human, but rather, a pint of ice cream at a slumber party.

As far as the drama between Snooki and The Situation goes, Snooki is totally lying and Sitch is telling the truth. JWoww—who was probably already privy to the gossip, via Snooki—gave it all away when she drunkenly said to Snooki, “Mike told people about what you guys did. Everything.”

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