Did You Spend Last Night With Amy?

So, last night was the premiere of former SNL-er Amy Poehler‘s Parks And Recreation. What did you think?

While it wasn’t hilarious, there were some funny moments, and I found myself wanting to give it a chance. The fact that Leslie and Ann (Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones) are on primetime TV talking about something other than shoes, men, dating or babies was refreshing in and of itself, although this comment from yesterday’s Critical Mass did make me think:

This show is a WASTE OF AMY POEHLER’S WEIRDNESS. Amy’s at her best when she’s playing the manic oddball — her “RICK! RICK!” SNL character, or the one-legged girl with the flatulance prob, or even her pees-in-sinks “Baby Mama” character. Amy Poehler is NOT A MICHAEL SCOTT TYPE STRAIGHT (WO)MAN.

Anyway, toward the end of the episode, we did get a glimpse of Leslie’s wackiness, when she got a little tipsy at the office. Clip above. Oh, and Amy and Rashida are both on Entertainment Weekly‘s new listicle, “The 25 Funniest Women In Hollywood.”

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