Diplo Wants to Buy Taylor Swift a New Ass, Lorde Mocks His Manhood

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Diplo, ever the perfect gentleman, is—without even being asked—attempting to buy Taylor Swift a new butt. Isn’t it nice when someone publicly criticizes the body of a person they don’t know and then tries to help? (And isn’t it even nicer when the criticized person’s friends jump in with some “help” of their own?)

Yesterday, Diplo took to Twitter to voice some very Important Thoughts™.

How thoughtful. Even more thoughtful was the Diplo fan who actually set up a fundraising page to assist Taylor in buying the butt that she, similarly to how she feels about Diplo’s opinions, neither wants nor needs.

Whether this has to do with Taylor’s “blood feud” with Diplo’s rumored girlfriend Katy Perry, who knows? I once watched a Major Lazer concert where Diplo tried to insist that all the women in the front row take their shirts off, so he seems more than capable of being rude without any KP motivation.

Taylor — who always gets by with a little help from her friends — did not go undefended. 300-year-old Lorde jumped in the ring, coming for blood.

Dang. I want Lorde on my team.


Demi Lovato has some words for Meghan Trainor after the “All About the Bass” singer joked in an interview about not being “strong enough” to maintain an eating disorder. Via Twitter, Lovato (who has publicly struggled with disordered eating) replied:

“Having an eating disorder doesn’t show ‘strength.’ Strength is when are able to overcome your demons after being sick and tired for so long. There’s a wide misconception that anorexia and/or bulimia is a choice and you often hear people say things like ‘why doesn’t she just start eating?’ Or even ‘just stop throwing up.’ It’s the ignorance and lack of education on mental illnesses that continues to [put] mental health care on the back burner to congress even though this is an epidemic that is sweeping our nation, and causing more and more tragedy every day. Starving is not a ‘diet’ and throwing up isn’t something that only extremely thin men or women do. Eating disorders do not discriminate..Neither does any other mental illness. These are deadly diseases that are taking lives daily. So please, let’s be cautious of the words we use when discussing ED’s and other mental illnesses. <3"

While we’re at it, can we talk about how “All About the Bass,” a supposed “body positive anthem,” is actually the most anti woman song of the year? [Idolator]

Speaking of the ladieeeees, Christian actor/former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron has some great advice for us womanfolk this holiday season.

“If you are a mom, if you are a wife, if you’re the keeper of your home, I want you to know that your joy is so important this Christmas,” he said in a Facebook video. “Because Christmas is about joy and if the joy of the Lord is your strength, remember, the joy of the mom is her children’s strength, so don’t let anything steal your joy.”


Cameron continued (yes, it goes on!), “If you let your joy get stolen, it will sap your strength. Let your children, your family, see your joy in the way that you decorate your home this Christmas, in the food that you cook, the songs you sing, the stories you tell, and the traditions that you keep. Invite your whole neighborhood into your Christmas, and invite the world into our story of our king and his kingdom.”

Nah. [US Weekly]

  • Pour it up, pour it up: Rihanna can’t tell us when her new music is going to drop, but she can tell us that it’s going to be great. [ONTD]
  • Nick Lachey is glad that he never had kids with Jessica Simpson and says that he and his ex wife no longer talk. I’m sorry, did those two seasons of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica mean nothing to you? [Us Weekly]
  • Set your twee-VRs: One Direction will host a holiday special on NBC. [Billboard]
  • Andy Cohen saved Lady Gaga‘s urine after she peed in a trashcan during a taping of Watch What Happens Live. None of this behavior is surprising when you consider the people involved. [MTV]
  • This is either an ad for Fifty Shades of Grey or Brooks Brothers. [Cosmo]
  • Nick Jonas went on Ellen, didn’t wear pants. [MTV]
  • American Horror Story‘s Mat Fraser (who plays Paul the Illustrated Seal) says he has no interest in “inspiration porn.” [AV Club]
  • Jeff Osborne, the director behind Nicki Minaj‘s Nazi-inspired lyric video, is backpedaling after his earlier “sorrynotsorry” comments, now saying that neither he nor the video are anti-semitic. Okay, dude. [Billboard]
  • Nooooo: Ben Foster and Robin Wright have called off their engagement! Now Robin has no one to force her joy on at Christmas:( [Us Weekly]

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