Disney Video Game Adds Female Characters, Gives Rapunzel a Frying Pan


The wildly successful video game Disney Infinity will be introducing five new characters this month, including three Disney Princesses! (But none of the ones from your singalong childhood.) Rapunzel from Tangled and Anna and Elsa from the upcoming Frozen will soon have their own roles and corresponding storylines in the new game.

While the two Frozen characters seem to have ice powers and grappling hooks, Rapunzel is left to her culinary devices, equipped with her handy-dandy frying pan and what appears to be a rolling pin. Of course the frying pan makes sense because she uses it in the movie (although I’m confused as to why she has a frying pan in a kitchen-less tower in the movie) — but just saying, they couldn’t give her a hair whip? Or a hair mace? Or a hair iron maiden? Something with a bit more edge?

According to Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi, “The female characters, especially the Princesses, were among the top requests…” Currently, of the 21 playable characters in the series, only four are women: Mrs. Incredible and Violet (The Incredibles), Holley (Cars), and Jessie (Toy Story). Could explain why the ladies were in high demand.

Listen I don’t play video games (I get dizzy), but I will refuse to play this video game until they throw in Nala from Lion King or Angela Lansbury’s Mrs. Potts. If they drop a Max Goof from A Goofy Movie storyline, I’ll think about it.

[USA Today]

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