Do Not Invite the Human Ken Doll Over

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After nine days in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Rodrigo Alves, aka the Human Ken Doll, has been evicted for “incidents,” raising the question: Has the Human Ken Doll gone too far?

Is this-a bit much?

Is using the n-word not once, but twice, on television utterly indefensible, and then trying to defend it even worse?

Or is it that, at age 35, swinging a liquid filled condom over your roommates’ heads is a tad immature?

Or is it just that person who would undergo 62 surgeries to look like a plastic figurine would be predictably prone to extreme stunts?

Who knows what did it. Goodbye, Human Ken Doll. It was an experience.

Kirstie Alley is still there and talking; the show will go on.

The Carters had to stop mid-show last night in Atlanta after an intoxicated man ran onto the stage and (chased?) Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Page Six reports. They will play again tonight and have chosen not to press charges.

Cardi B, my King, rapped her verse for “Motorsport” over deafening crowds last night and managed to shout in tune.

Then she was slut-shamed on the Internet for posting a video on her Instagram story cuddling with Offset as he slides his hand on her thigh, and as of this writing, she’s keeping it up.

  • A separate guy rushed onstage and interrupted Travis Scott (whom The Sun identifies as “Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend”), but he was removed, and it was fine. [The Sun]
  • Demi Lovato’s grandfather says he’d like her to get out of Hollywood after her overdose. Somehow the LAPD also somehow intercepted “electronic communications” between burglars planning to rob her house while she was away. [The Sun, TMZ]
  • Liam Gallagher of Oasis says that this video in which he put his hand on his girlfriend’s throat is not what it looks like. [The Sun]
  • Terry Crews implies that Adam Venit’s ties to the LAPD are the reason the DA threw out his sexual assault case in March. [TMZ]
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